Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 5 - My In-laws (No, seriously!)

(Sorry folks, a last minute run to the rheumy for me and a church council meeting made for a more hectic than usual day! So today's  a twofer.)

I married an amazing man, and he'll get his own entry soon enough. And when I married him, I also got to join up with an amazing family.
I'm starting to realize that all the pics I have of the adults in my family include my kids.
I can't say enough about how grateful I am to have the in-laws that I do. My mother-in-law is a fantastic woman. She's warm and loving and welcoming, and I enjoy watching the beautiful relationship she has with my daughters almost as much as I enjoy the close friendship that she and I share.

My FiL (who may be confused with my husband in this picture - those genes run strong!) is just as generous of spirit. He's one of the strongest people I've ever met, and I can't decide whether to thank him or deck him for giving Kevin his sense of humor. (Just kidding Jer! You both make me laugh.)

Then there's my sister in law, who took this gorgeous picture. She's incredibly talented, fun, brilliant, and far more fashionable than I am.

This last is particularly important, as I am in dire need of someone to help me dress myself most of the time. 

I didn't marry Kevin for his family, but I sure am grateful they came with the bargain.

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