Friday, August 23, 2013

Wishing. I try not to do too much wishing. It seems like the opposite of gratitude, like the opposite side of regret. But with that disclaimer... I'm finding this season of motherhood frustrating. The girls' schedules are staggered in a way that keeps things from being too overwhelming but that leaves me very little time to myself. Which in turn means no writing. This is a bit maddening, as there are a number of things I would very much like to be writing. But between the littlest's sleep issues and Miss Three being three, I haven't been able to simultaneously carve out the time and the energy. So I find myself wishing for a tiny corner of quiet in which I can spend time with my imaginary friends.
But this too shall pass. One day I will have plenty of time to write, and wish to trade it for a lap full of punks. So instead I will wish for patience: with myself, with time, with the seasons of my life. And for the imaginary friends to be patient too, until I can get back to them.

Stitching. More than ten years ago I bought an Erica Wilson needlepoint kit of the Met’s "Unicorn in Captivity". It has sat untouched for an unforgivable length of time, so now I have pulled it out. It's perfect for me right now: large, rewarding, soothing, and can be done when I'm having difficulty with brain fog, a common affliction among the spoonie tribe. It is easily picked up and set down, so I am keeping it threaded and ready in the living room for when I have time for a quick few stitches.

Watching. Teen Wolf. Hooked. So completely hooked. Haven’t been this hooked on a  show since the first two seasons of True Blood. HOOKED. And in spite of the title (Yay, teenagers… and, uh, wasn’t that an 80s movie?) and the station (remember when MTV showed… uh… music videos?) I’ve been consistently impressed by the quality of the story telling. The scripts occasionally clunk, as do they all, but there is an awful lot in the series to be excited by. Not least of which is a commitment to actual historical research that means the show has yet to make me want to slap it hard.
That doesn’t happen ever.
Waiting  I am trying to let the seasons turn on their own, but late August makes me itchy for cool weather, apples, cinnamon, shorter days, apples, sweaters, and apples.
Our favorite orchard

...The orchard opens next week and I’m excited, ok?
Preparing Punk starts daily preschool the week after next. I’m excited for her, I’m excited about the program, I’m excited about having an hour a day to myself and an hour to spend with Punkina one on one. But I’m also a bit saddened, and trying to pull apart all the pieces of that one. There’s a whole essay in it, so we will see what happens.

Listening Welcome to Night Vale. Give it a shot. You will thank me.