Monday, November 4, 2013

Charlie and Noel

My sweet friend Franziska got in touch with me recently, and asked me to read her new e-book.

I'm so glad she did.

Charlie and Noel is an absolutely charming tale, broken into twenty-five chapters for each day leading up to Christmas. Each section is short, perfect for little attention spans, and comes with questions to discuss with your kids and suggestions for activities to do.

The story isn't explicitly Christian, although it makes no bones about being part of a Christian celebration. Rather it focuses on the virtues of simplicity, gratitude, generosity, and creativity that are so often lacking in modern Christmas celebrations.

I can warmly recommend it. And even better?

It's on sale! 99 cents today on Amazon. And if you hop over to Franziska's blog, Home Naturally, she's hosting a give-away today to accompany the book's sale!

So go check it out! And tell her I said hello.

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